Local Council Award Scheme

The Association is encouraging councils to apply for accreditation under the Local Council Award Scheme at an appropriate status (Foundation, Quality, or Quality Gold). The County Panel has already determined several applications from SPCA members and is keen to see more councils seek accreditation in order that their professionalism is validated and recognised publicly.

Full details of the Scheme, including a Guidance document and application form, can be obtained by emailing spca.parish@staffordshire.gov.uk


Vacancies on the SPCA Executive

There were insufficient nominations received by the due date for Members of the Association’s Executive in five districts to serve for a two year term concluding in December 2018.

The number of remaining vacancies is as follows:

Cannock Chase – one

Lichfield – two

Staffordshire Moorlands – five

South Staffordshire – three

East Staffordshire – three

Councils are asked to notify us of any of Members who would like to be considered for co-option to the Executive to represent the districts concerned by no later than 31st January. In the event that the number of nominees exceeds the number of vacancies a postal ballot may be necessary.

The Executive Committee holds four ordinary meetings each year, usually on the first Monday of March, June, September and December. The final meeting each year coincides with the Association’s Annual General Meeting. All meetings are held in County Council buildings in Stafford.